Neck Styles


The Kumbengo Kora Pro-Model is available in two styles of necks, classic and chromatic. Either neck uses the traditional 21-string layout (22nd string optional) and the same string spacings.

The classic neck features a slotted design using horizontal tuning machines and brass eyelets. Carbon fiber reinforcement, marquetry inlays and fine veneer sides are optional.

The chromatic neck has a solid core of maple or mahogany, between two layers of carbon fiber and fine veneer.  These necks use vertical tuning machines and tuning pins. Chromatic necks can be set up with a full or partial set of Camac sharping levers


Classic Neck, Mahogany

Chromatic Neck, Maple Core, Figured Cherry Veneer

Classic Neck, Maple, reinforced

Chromatic Neck, Maple Core, Figured Cherry Veneer 

Classic Necks are available with optional marquetry inlays and fine veneers

Chromatic Neck, Mahogany Core, Carbon Fiber, Fiddleback Mahogany Veneer

Classic Neck, mahogany, carbon fiber reinforced

Chromatic Neck, Maple Core, Carbon Fiber, Rosewood Veneer, Camac Levers, Grover Sta-Tite 97-18

The classic neck can be upgraded from the standard, solid wood version (left) to the reinforced version where two layers of carbon fiber are sandwiched between layers of wood (right, two dark lines)

All chromatic necks feature carbon fiber reinforcement and fine veneer sides.