The guys from Toubab Krewe with a beautiful version of “Salimou”. They look like they had rough night, but as always, the playing is solid.

Check out this great video from the “Playing For Change” folks, Toumani Diabate makes an appearance (on his Kumbengo Kora), along with a host of other fantastic musicians in this rendition of the Stevie Wonder classic “Higher Ground”.


Daniel Berkman plays a 24-string deluxe model kora from Kumbengo Koras.
The first half of the video is accoustic only, at about the 2.00 min mark I turn on the amp. Obviously not studio quality, but it shows roughly what the pickup does. The system is B-Band A1.2 pre-amp w. AST1470 pickup, the amp is a Fender Keyboard 60, the mic is the camera mic on a Nikon D3100.

Another one of our instruments shows up in a “Playing For Change” video, this time played by Madou Sidiki alongside the legendary Baaba Maal. Keb Mo is in there as well, together with many more folks from all over the world, performing the Bob Marley tune “Three Little Birds”.


Here is an instructional video, it shows how to play the song “Kelefa Ba”, which is traditionally the first piece a beginning kora player studies.