Calabash Size


Please note: the size of a calabash is not the sole determining factor for the quality of the sound! It is a misconception that koras with large bodies have ‘better’ sound.

We here at Kumbengo Koras think that a expertly built instrument with carefully selected materials has the better sound. The size of the calabash can add a certain flavor. The current trend among professional players is actually towards small and mid-sized koras. We will gladly advise you on pros and cons in a consultation call.

When deciding on the size of a kora, consider the practical aspects first, such as the ease of playing, storage and transport, we will do the rest and build a beautiful sounding instrument for you, regardless of calabash size.

Kumbengo Koras Pro-Models are available in 4 sizes: small, medium, large and X-large

Please refer to the image below for dimensions. The measurement used is that of the largest diameter, the greatest distance across the calabash. (not to be confused with the length of the crossbar)