Kumbengo Kora Instrument, Basic Model for Sale buy

Kora, Basic Model

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Kora, Pro Model

Kumbengo Kora instrument, Deluxe Model for sale buy

Kora, Deluxe Model

Kamale Ngoni Instrument, Eagle Model for sale buy kumbengo koras

Kamale Ngoni, Eagle Model

Kamale Ngoni Instrument for sale buy, 13-String Model kumbengo koras

Kamale Ngoni, 13-String Model

Kora Instrument Parts & Accessories for sale buy kumbengo koras

Kora Parts & Accessories

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At the moment we have no finished instruments in stock, all koras and kamale n’gonis are made to order. Contact us for details or visit here for more info on ordering

Our good friend Amadou Fall performs a smoking blues composition on one of our Deluxe Model Koras

Toumani Diabate is a key figure on the World music scene. This beautiful mini-documentary takes place at his home in Mali and includes an interview with the master. It also shows the making of a traditional kora. The soundtrack is of Toumani playing on his Kumbengo Kora.

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Visit the Kora Gallery and view images of instruments we built in the past

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View a slideshow of some of the musicians that use our instruments

Michael, Lukas in Shop, kora shop build instrument

Take a tour of our shop and see how we build our instruments step by step.

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